ASPA is thankful for the sporting industry coming together to support the association. 

Industry partners

Our industry partners are four of the state sporting federations that represent the state sporting organisations in each state, and are the "voice" of sport for their members to government and policy advisors. The federations play a critical role in ensuring that the sporting sector is resourced, programs are run to benefit their members, and that recognition is given to the athletes and officials in those states for their contributions to sport.

ASPA events will be run with and in conjunction with some federation events, and we are thankful for their resources and support in the years to come.


Founding sports partners

At its inception, the organisers of ASPA reached out through their networks to the national and state/territory sporting organisations of Australia — and looked for their support from their staff, boards and the organisations themselves as to whether ASPA was a good idea!

The following organisations stated their commitment to a partnership with ASPA for their staff and volunteers, and signed on as founding sports partners. Their staff, board and volunteers benefit from recognition as sports that signed on from day 1, as well as membership discounts for being a founding partner. 

Some of the organisations below have also hosted ASPA events in 2019, and we are grateful for their support.