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Membership is an opportunity for growth: for you, your board and your sport!

ASPA is designed for everyone working in sport—whether you're in your first year as an intern, or a veteran CEO. You don't need to hold a particular job title to join!

ASPA brings together professionals from all across the Australian Sports Industry - whether you are a professional employee at a state or national sporting organisation, a board director, a volunteer, or a student studying sports management. Members from the sports industry (e.g. employees of a sports business or sports media business for example) are also welcome!

Our mission is to promote knowledge sharing opportunities that result in actionable outcomes and strategies for professionals regardless of the size of your organisation or budget.

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How will I benefit?

CONNECT WITH OTHER PROFESSIONALS: Expand your professional network. Meet, communicate and collaborate with like minded individuals from an array of backgrounds, roles and sports at regular networking events held in all states and territories of Australia.
OPEN DOORS: Unlock career opportunities through networking events, a selective mentoring program, and meeting other professionals from both within, and outside the industry to find your next role or step up in the sporting world.
GROW YOUR KNOWLEDGE: Participate in quality, time efficient sessions focusing on knowledge and experience sharing. Ensure you remain up-to-date with industry news, trends and best practice. Delivered both online and in person, study what others working in sport have done well, and haven't done so well - to help you on your own journey.
SHAPE THE INDUSTRY AS A WHOLE: Play an active part in shaping the growth and direction of our industry. Share your experiences, challenges and opinions in industry-wide publications, forums and case studies. 
RECOGNISE THOSE THAT MAKE OUR INDUSTRY RUN: Celebrate your successes! At ASPA we aren't interested in who built in the biggest stadium or who won the most medals. We want to recognise and reward the tenacious team members, the unsung heroes and the most effective and innovative initiatives within your organisation. 


"The Australian Sports Professionals Association has been designed to encourage communication and collaboration between the many passionate and committed professionals working in Sport across Australia.
Sport NSW is proud to be a foundation partner of ASPA as we truly believe shared resources and collaboration are imperative for the growth of our industry. It is about adding value to existing initiatives and organisations such as ours, rather than reinventing the wheel.

Darren Simpson, Former CEO, Sport NSW


Is membership right for me?

Our members are from organisations that are:

  • National Sporting Organisations
  • State Sporting Organisations
  • Councils 
  • Businesses that operate in sport
  • Not for profits aligned with sport
  • Universities (academics and students)

If you are involved in the Australian Sports industry in any way, shape or form—this organisation is for you!