First industry wide survey of sporting professionals released

Published Tue 07 May 2019

The Australian Sports Professionals Association (ASPA) is an industry association for individuals who work, volunteer or study in sport in Australia—all the way from club volunteers and paid administrators of small state/territory sports to CEOs and Board members of large national sports. It has been set up by the industry, for the industry.

Our vision is to strengthen the sporting industry through forming an individuals' association to bring its workforce together.


We are conducting the first wide-scale survey of employees, volunteers and those who work in sport in Australia as to what their challenges are, what their organisational challenges are, and what the future of the industry looks like. It will take approximately 2 minutes to complete, and we appreciate your responses!

The trajectory of the Australian Sports industry could potentially be changed because of your input into this survey - we want to gather this information to shed light on the ways that Australian sport can evolve by further collaborating with one another and work out what needs to be done to better what we currently have!

Responses are anonymous, and we won't share them with any sporting organisations, partners, or anyone else! We will put together a summary publication that will be available as a State of Sport 2019 presentation that will offer a high level outlook for the industry - and this will be available toward the end of June.

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