ASPA Memberships Are Officially Open!

Published Mon 20 May 2019

Membership has opened for the Australian Sports Professionals Association today on the ASPA website:

The Australian Sports Professionals Association (ASPA) is an industry association for individuals who work, volunteer or study in sport in Australia - all the way from club volunteers and paid administrators of small state/territory sports to CEOs and Board members of large national sports. It has been set up by the industry, for the industry.

In just over 3 months, the Australian Sports Professionals Association has launched in 6 states and territories across Australia with an incredible turn out of nearly 200 attendees (with 200 pre-registrations for membership with ASPA). These attendees were volunteers, students studying sport at university, sports businesses, and anyone from an administratin level all the way up to C-level in the industry. ASPA has also partnered with over 40 national and state sports organisations, sports federations such as Sport NSW and Sport SA and has now opened registrations to the public!

These initial events were held as a meet and greet, with the intent to provide networking opportunities over breakfast and a brief overview of ASPA's flexible initiatives that will be determined by the individuals registered as part of the program. The core idea revolves around:

  • Connecting with other professionals in sport and recreation
  • Unlocking career opportunities
  • Knowledge sharing and growth
  • Recognising those that make our industry run
  • Shaping the industry as a whole

ASPA currently have an industry survey that encapsulates all information needing to be gathered to track how the Australian sports industry is heading. To have your say in how the trajectory of Australian sport could evolve, click on this link to fill out:

The survey closes June 7th and results will be revealed in the next lot of events in each state/territory - make sure to register to hear the news surrounding this survey as well as case studies, publications and information on what's next with ASPA as we're looking towards having a big year!