2020 National Sports Census Results

Published Mon 18 Jan 2021

In July 2020, the Australian Sports Professionals Association (ASPA) launched the 2nd annual National Sports Census.

The Census is designed to help capture a national perspective of the Australian Sports Industry, informed by those who are actively engaged in it. This includes volunteers, employees and academics irrespective of their role or organisation - club, state or national sporting organisation, non-profit or private enterprise.

The 2020 National Sports Census saw a 320% increase in respondents from 2019, encompassing individuals from more than 52 types of sports, universities and government agencies and private companies. 

After arguably the most turbulent year in Australian sport, it is unsurprising to learn that people felt more negatively about the direction of the industry in comparison to 2019. Despite this, individual sentiment to both the industry and their organisations preparedness to tackle challenges arising from critical areas was still relatively positive overall.

Similar to 2019, funding and grassroots participation were indisputably the most recurring themes identified by respondents as critical areas to work on. However, responses in 2020 focused much more specifically on the importance of overhauling archaic revenue models, business processes, and operations. The concern over nepotism and politics was more prevalent, with calls to reimagine funding and strategies built around long-term KPIs rather than short-term, unstainable success. Much of this centred around streamlining processes and reducing complexity and ‘red tape’, as well as providing efficient upskilling opportunities to ensure staff and volunteers were empowered to deliver results without burning out.

In 2021, ASPA are wiping the cost of membership to better support individuals working & volunteering in sport until we are able to deliver more events which saw so much success in 2019. 

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